We are currently in an Era of Data Explosion..!

data-explosionImage Source: http://visual.ly/data-never-sleeps-20

So what this era all about, what all the potential causes for these, what are its consequences..?

I was speculating it was due to technological outgrowth or change in our life style. One of my friend threw me some examples for change in our life style.. If we can walk few years back and see the usage of cell phones, we could realize how much our life style has changed in a short period of time. Few years back, we had cell phones just to contact somebody during an emergency or for very few things.. But at present, if we could imagine the usage of cell phone and able to compare both.. That's insane! Currently, Cell Phones became part of the human body.. Now very few people uses the cell phones for calling.. There are bunch of peoples using the cell phones even without any carrier.. But it is everything.. A Cell Phone can deprecate most of the devices by taking multiple shapes like Dictionary, Watch, Torch, Compass, FM Player, Sensor, GPS, Navigator, until spinning the cloud instances in Amazon EC2..

And again another revolution is approaching.. The Smart Watch. Probably in few years we could turn back to current days to realize the usage of watches.. In few years, all our normal watches gonna be smart. How smart? It can read our heart beats, suggest some health tips, can play some music depending on our mood, walk you to an unexplored place etc.. Well, if it could read peoples around us and tell whether the girl next to us like us or nor, that would solve many problems ^^.

Since all these tiny devices got intelligence, they start generating and utilizing the data. Internet of Things (IOT) is an emerging research area which is all about Internet for all..! Not only for humans, but also for all the living/Non-living things that you could imagine.. So obviously, the amount of data that has to be stored and processed dramatically increased to a large extent. So what are the consequences..? We need a database to store all this data right.. When people took all these data to our old 35-40 years friend RDBMS: Relational Database System, it stumbled..  Ohhh..! that's so big.. And we were like, Yes, you are right, that's so Big and tagged it as Big Data and started finding a new friend who can handle the Big Data. Luckily, the guys with big pockets like Google, Amazon, Facebook started working on this problem bit early and gave birth to the new data storage system called NoSql Systems.. Expect the details about NoSql Systems on my next post..

So i close this post here. But remember, We are just in the beginning of the Data Explosion Era.. We have lot more to see in the upcoming days..